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SAT Alliance Brochure [Download PDF - 1,281 KB ]

THE SAT ALLIANCE has been formed by six SATCOM industry leaders coming together to offer the industry with complete product solutions and unprecedented levels of integration.

Before this, customers have often resorted to procuring stand-alone products, and either living with a discordant system – manual data entry in multiple places and databases that don't talk to each other, inefficient operations, and costly human errors or expensive and time consuming system integration with mixed success.

Now, the customer may procure individual products with the assurance that when put together, they will work together. Each product represents the best-in-class in the industry. When integrated, the offer the customer cost-effective, highperformance, complete system solutions.

As part of the SAT Alliance suite of products, COMPLAN works as a powerful tool for allocating and optimizing transponder capacity, and design of satellite-based networks. It allows the user to rapidly develop carrier plans that maximize use of transponder capacity and meet target performance and availability requirements. These plans can then be automatically sent to the MonicsNet CSM system, where they form the baseline for monitoring. The near-real-time measurements and spectrum traces generated by MonicsNet can be viewed in COMPLAN overlaid against the predicted data – discrepancies are immediately obvious, and troubleshooting becomes much easier. Both small systems with partial-transponder leases, and large systems with multiple satellites / transponders / monitoring sites can be handled with equal ease.

SAT Alliance Companies & Products

Integral Systems, Inc.
5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706, USA

Contact: Pete Gafney, +1 301 731 4233,

EPOCH Web Server provides integrated web access to satellite and ground systems data from Integral Systems, Inc.'s, EPOCH, ABE, and OASYS satellite control and analysis products, NewPoint Technologies' Compass equipment and network monitoring product, and SAT Corporation's Monics carrier monitoring product. The EPOCH Web Server allows satellite and terrestrial system operators to provide their customers with customized web pages containing links to real-time and near real-time data on the ground and space assets they are leasing.
ISI Antenna Systems
5000 Philadelphia Way, Lanham, MD 20706, USA

Contact: Joe Valvano, +1 301 731 4233,

Manufactures and installs antenna systems. Integral Systems, Offers Explorer antenna series including a variety of reflectors, feeds, upconverters, and downconverters VHF up through Ku-Band. Offers high performance single and multi-band RF systems for Remote Sensing Direct Readout, Telemetry and Control, Range Telemetry, and Command Destruct Range Safety applications. Systems have high gain, low phase noise receiver signals that minimize bit errors at baseband and ensure downlink signal integrity.
Newpoint Technologies, Inc.
8-B Industrial Way, Suite 1, Salem, NH 03079, USA

Contact: Wally Martland, +1 603 898 1110,

Designs, manufactures and installs Satellite and Terrestrial Network Management Systems for control of data, Internet, broadcast, telecom, and hybrid networks. Newpoint has been the industry's dominant supplier of software and systems for equipment M&C (Monitor and Control) and is a recipient of Satellite Communications Magazine's prestigious "Most Innovative Product" award. Newpoint's principal customers are commercial satellite operators, telecommunications companies, and broadband service providers. Newpoint delivers a range of services, from out-of-the-box software to complete turnkey solutions that manage large enterprise-level infrastructure systems.
Transmitter Location Systems
14120 Parke Long Court, Suite 103, Chantilly, VA 20151, USA

Contact: Gregory Culkowski, +1 703 227 8427,

Provides satellite interference geolocation products and services. The TLS Model 2000 interference geolocation system uses sophisticated interferometric techniques to determine the location of the transmission of the interfering signal. TLS2000 determines the transmitter's location by observing the difference in arrival times and the difference in frequency caused by transmission of the interfering signal through two satellites. Using this technique, and accurate satellite orbit information, the TLS is able to report position accuracy as good as a few kilometers. In most cases, this accuracy is more than sufficient to allow identification of the transmitter and elimination of the interfering signal.
SAT Corporation
(A wholly-owned subsidiary of Integral Systems Inc.)
1151 Sonora Court, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA

Contact: Dave Braunstein, +1 408 530 1020,

Provides RF signal monitoring systems for satellite and terrestrial spectrum management applications. These systems are communication management tools for commercial network owners/operators and telecommunications service providers to guarantee and maintain the quality of service they provide to their customers. Monics automatically monitors uplink and downlink carriers while allows simultaneous carrier monitoring. The automatic processes provide immediate alerts when a carrier problem arises before your customer alerts you.
Optimal Satcom, Inc.
1851 Alexander Bell Dr, Suite 405, Reston, VA 20191, USA

Contact: Ahsun Murad, +1 703 860 9670,

Provides COTS software products for satellite capacity planning, optimization, and network design. Optimal Satcom's products include COMPLAN and COMSAT STAR Suite. COMPLAN includes detailed models for the nonlinear characteristics of the satellite, and for all the major impairments encountered by a satellite link, and can accurately predict link performance at C, X, KU, and Ka-Bands. COMPLAN's powerful optimization engine makes it easy to efficiently allocate satellite capacity (power and bandwidth) to maximize throughput. It is also easy to perform complex tradeoffs (bandwidth vs. power, space-segment vs. ground-segment, transmit vs. receive) required in the design of cost-optimal satellite networks. COMSAT STAR Suite is a collection of integrated applications (link budgets, satellite coverage plotting, rain modeling, SATCOM calculators, etc.), which are of daily use to SATCOM engineers. Optimal Satcom also offers technical consulting and training in SATCOM network design and capacity planning.
In-Orbit Test (IOT) Systems
20140 Scholar Drive
Suite 309A
Hagerstown, Maryland 21742

Contact: Steve Teller, +1 301 428 4467,

Provides in-orbit testing systems and services for the global satellite community. They provide COTS solutions, custom systems and test services. Their products include In Orbit Test (IOT) Services, COTS IOT Systems, Custom IOT Systems and end-to-end consulting and staffing.
For general information about the SAT Alliance, contact:

Dave Braunstein
SAT Corporation
1151 Sonora Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
Ph: +1 408 530 1020
Fax: +1 408 530 1030

IOT Systems is proud to be part of the SAT Alliance!

IOT Systems is proud to be part of an august group of companies
working in cooperation to bring you total satellite management solutions.

IOT Systems
20140 Scholar Drive
Suite 309A
Hagerstown, Maryland 21742
Phone: (301) 892-6256
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